Temporary Website

Before anything else, if you wanna reach out to other Hyperspace Forum members, most of them are in Hyperspace Discord: https://discord.gg/5qrjgfmMqn

Hey everyone,

The original server hosted by Sekai Project is no longer operational. They shared the hosting service with us for free, however, Sekai Project needed to shut it down because they’re moving to a new one. We’re very thankful to them for letting us keep the Hyperspace Forum online for years even when it was just already an archive.

As for the forum itself, I have the files, but not the database itself – Good news is that Sekai Project can recover it, but as to when it will go live again, it will still take a while because we need to upgrade PHP version and the website code. We’re all very focused on Sierra Ops game right now, so there’s nobody available to work on the website nor have the resources to have someone upgrade it for us.

The forum was somewhat dedicated to old comrades, and they’re super successful already with their own dedicated community channels. I’m pretty sure they’ve already kept any important files and posts if there were any.

As for the archived community RP content, we’re terribly sorry for the users affected – we kindly ask for your patience and understanding until we have the time and resources to upgrade and restore the forums. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me an email at jason dot m dot cheng at gmail dot com.


JC/ Hel